“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”                                        Pablo Picasso

What our members say:

“Exceptional” “Excellent club, very friendly and welcoming” “super lectures” “with top international lecturers and such a friendly crowd it can’t be beaten” “Great” “Relaxed friendly atmosphere” “The best investment in magic I have ever made”  

Want to join?

Membership is open to both male and female magicians

There is no committee, just Officers who are elected annually by the members. There is no joining fee, just an annual subscription of £25 per year.

There is no audition or interview, prospective members will simply be asked if they are seriously interested in magic.

There is no rule book, decisions will be made by the members.

If your partner is seriously interested in magic then they too are very welcome to join on payment of the £25 annual subscription.

Visitors require the approval of the president and there is a £10 charge to attend.

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A magazine called Magic Times is produced every two months and is free to all members. This will have reviews of the lectures along with a wide variety of members’ contributions. Members also review magical effects and DVD’s which will help you decide if it is worth investing in.

Magic Times

We have a DVD library which is free for members to borrow. There are over 300 DVDs in the library. All we ask is that you return them at the next meeting or let the librarian know if there is going to be a delay in returning the DVD. All unauthorised late returns will be fined! This service is available on lecture nights only.

Please contact our secretary, Bill Booth for application form.

Or download here:

DVD Library