“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”                                        Pablo Picasso

Past Presidents

2002-03  Peter C Woolley (deceased)

2003-04  Carl Royle

2004-05 Harry Robson

2005-06 Philip Partridge

2006-07  Philip Tilston

2007-08  Geoffrey R Berry

2008-09 Anne Lever

2009-10 Don George

2010-11  Peter Roberts (deceased)

2011-12 Judith Butterworth-Berry

2012-13 Adrian Sullivan

2013-14  Alan Horne

2014-15  David Hutchinson

2015-16  Mike Hinde

2016-17  Rodger Ball

2017-18  Carole Roberts

2018-19  Darren McDonald

How it all began

Derek Lever

The society’s first president was Peter C Woolley and various others have held this position since (see past presidents to the left). Membership now stands at more than 200 and with no formal entrance examination the emphasis continues to be placed on simply enjoying magic. Our excellent lectures are supplemented by a programme which includes regular auctions, competitions, Christmas parties and teach-ins run by members for members.

Many of the original members are still active, however although Derek and Anne have decided to stand down as Secretary and Assistant Secretary in 2014, these positions have been taken over as a single role by Bill Booth. Derek will still be very active in the future of the club, particularly by arranging the lectures  

The original Treasurer, Phil Tilston, although still a member, stood down in 2011 when he moved out of the Manchester area and he has been replaced by David Hutchinson. Geoff Berry, who has been the club's Welfare Officer from the beginning, has this year passed on this position to a very able member Darren McDonald.

The club magazine has gone from strength to strength and although its original editor, Walter de Ruyter, sadly passed away in 2008, it is now in the safe hands of Mitch Law who edits the 32 page magazine every two months.

As with most other organisations, there are lots of other people who work behind the scenes including Geoff and Judith Berry who run a large DVD library. Carole Roberts took over from Rosemary Chard helping to raise much needed funds while her husband Peter continues to organise the much loved 7:30 slot after taking over from Philip Partridge. This is where lectures are preceded by a short, in-house lecture allowing members to talk on various aspects of magic: cards, dice, rope, silks and sponge balls to name but a few.

The club also runs a successful Junior Section under the stewardship of Don George. Since its inception many of the juniors have gone on to become successful magicians both amateur and professional.   

The Manchester Circle of Magicians is not a society that stands still. Under the guidance of Derek Lever, it looks forward to a bright future with a packed programme that includes lecturers from all over the world. You can be assured that the society will continue to play a major part in  magic in the North West of England for many years to come.

Honorary Life President: Derek Lever

Honorary Life Members: Anne Lever, Philip Tilston, Don George, Mitch Law, Judith Butterwort-Berry, Geoffrey Berry, David Hutchinson, Rodger Ball, Peter Roberts, Carol Roberts

The Manchester Circle of Magicians was set up by Derek Lever in 2002. Derek wanted to create a society that was devoid of internal politics, committees and formality. Aided by his wife Anne and a small group of fellow magicians, the MCM quickly became established as one of the best magical societies in the country. From the very start, Derek organised a programme that included some of the best magical lecturers from around the world. To see the calibre of artists CLICK HERE

Peter C Woolley

President Elect: Geoff Johnson